The Beginning

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A little bit about myself.  I am 24 years old currently living in Wilmington, DE.  I will be a graduate in August 2011 of the MSIT (Instructional Technology) program at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.  I became interested in instructional technology after becoming one of the first members of our university’s student blog, Our adviser for BUNow told me about the instructional technology program and I was hooked from the beginning.

Why instructional technology?  I have always wanted to be a teacher but I also love learning and technology.  Instructional design combines many of my passions into one job. I love technology, software, learning theories, instructional design processes, and creating learning! Now onto the reason for starting a blog:

I have been toiling with the idea of starting an instructional technology blog.  I am really excited to share my ideas and get some new ideas from fellow technology enthusiasts and instructional designers. I also added samples of work that I have done solo or with group members.

My first objective in blogging is to test out trial versions of software.  Comment to suggest any software that you’d like to see me test out.  eLearning software is a must!

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