A Review of Thinking Worlds Webinar “Building 3D Sims and Games without Code”

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This past Friday I attended the Thinking Worlds Webinar, “Building 3D Sims and Games without Code.”  The webinar was hosted through GoToWebinar.  The attendees were able to see Thinking Worlds in real action as Chris Brannigan, CEO of Caspian Learning shared his desktop. The best part about Thinking World’s is that basically anyone could create a simple game after attending a one hour session like the one on Friday or watching a few tutorials.  I found that there were far more positives than negatives for the software Thinking Worlds, especially considering that no programmer or professional is needed in order to create a 3D simulation or game.

First, I will start out with the bitter sweet.  I was glad that audio could be included in Thinking Worlds but was sad to find out that in certain cases it would not work out as I hoped. Such as there was no audio included in the quizzes; I would’ve liked options read the quiz questions and answers.   Also I found the issue with locating errors to probably be a bit overwhelming for a novice developer in Thinking Worlds, if there is a lot going on with different nodes.   Other than that I believe that any other confusion would come from accidentally messing up branching interactions.

I have viewed Thinking Worlds two times before testing.  After seeing the branching nodes for the first time, I was a bit hesitant to even work in Thinking Worlds.  After the webinar with Brannigan my fears were eased because he made it look super easy.   I really really love the fact that 3DS Max can be imported into Thinking Worlds because of course that means customization!  There are many sites where 3DS Max objects can environments can be bought and also designers/developers out there willing to create them. My other question that was answered was how to bring posters into Thinking Worlds.  It’s easy to create flat one sided objects; they only have to be imported in (in image format not developed in 3DS Max). There were many other aspects of Thinking Worlds I liked including the interactivity and how games can be designed to reward learners; such as: the video below that Caspian Learning developed.

Learndirect Immersive Simulation from Caspian Learning on Vimeo.

Of course I am not saying that it would be a piece of cake to just dive into Thinking Worlds without knowledge but I believe it is much easier and could be cost effective. On that note,  I will most definitely be testing out Thinking Worlds in the future as part of my software trial reviews!

– Melissa.

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