Thinking Worlds via Jing

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Today Thinking Worlds, Jing, and I had a love/hate relationship.  Sadly, I just got to demonstrate five minutes of Thinking Worlds because the free trial of Jing only allows for five minutes of screen casting. Despite the Jing set-back, Thinking Worlds was relatively easy to use. Keep in mind this was my first time in Thinking Worlds. The great thing about it is that it can be customized using 3DS Max, so you are not limited to the environments, characters, and objects that are defaulted to you.  The biggest issue I had by far was that I couldn’t figure out the combination of nodes to make things work exactly as I wanted (this is probably due to only attending a one hour webinar, also I have never seen any tutorials).  I wanted to show a brief demo, showing how easy Thinking Worlds is to use (more so with practice).

Therefore onto the link of my very unfinished 5 minute presentation…Voilà!

Thinking Worlds via Jing


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