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Managing Multimedia Productions Spring 2011

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In 2011, as a part of a mock request for proposal (RFP) Paragon Solutions presented their solution to Galen Medical Center’s RFP.  In the Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University, Pa., students compete in teams during Spring and Fall to win the bid on a request for proposal.  For the Spring 2011 Managing Multimedia Productions class, teams had to design a technology based solution for Galen Medical Center.   The teams then had to present their solution in front of the Corporate Advisory Council; this was after the teams submitted a written solution.paragon

Topics included in Paragon Solution’s response to the RFP included:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions
  • Adobe Connect Implementation
  • Management of Course Materials
  • Technical Support
  • Mobile Pilot
  • Instructional Solutions and Strategies
  • Ad Hoc Courses
  • Conversion of Training
  • Project Management
  • Budget

Check out the link below to view Paragon Solution’s presentation to the Corporate Advisory Council.

Learn more about Bloomsburg University’s Master of Science, Instructional Technology program at:

– Melissa.

Team Paragon Solutions (minus one member)