J. Clark Gardner’s Videos on the ADDIE Model

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While I was doing some research on instructional design resources, I stumbled upon a few great videos on the ADDIE model.   

In five videos, J. Clark Gardner gives an overview of each phase of the ADDIE Model. ADDIE is a process model commonly followed by instructional designers in order to create training. ADDIE covers analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

I enjoyed watching Gardner’s videos because they are short and to the point.  Gardner describes the ADDIE process using examples that tie into everyday life, the corporate realm, the education realm and beyond. In the video on the analysis phase Gardner covers instructional goals, instructional/learner analysis and learning objectives.

As Gardner’s first example he uses pizza making, specifically pepperoni pizza.  I like the example he uses in the introduction because making a pizza is topic that is easy to understand. How Gardner covers the topic also shows the importance of analysis. Check out Gardner’s video below on the analysis phase.

Check out J. Clark Gardner’s YouTube page to view the rest of the ADDIE videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/jclarkgardner

– Melissa.

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