Learning Solutions Conference 2013 – Review of LSCON 2013 App

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On March 12th, I will be heading down to Orlando, Florida for the Learning Solutions Conference. Thanks to the LSCON  app, I was able to easily plan out each session I am attending at the conference.

The LSCON app is terrific. I downloaded the app for both iPhone 4S and the new iPad. I like the social aspect of the app. The LSCON app allows you to network with the other conference participants and follow them; the same way you can follow people on Instagram or Twitter.  The participant can also post updates that everyone on the app is able to see. 

I have been able to post updates, like, and comment on other participants updates. The only thing I dislike about the updates, is that the app forces you to pick a place or type a place in that you are located. I can see how mandatory check-ins makes sense for conference events. I am excited to post updates to the app on the sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Updates can even be sent to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  The Updates and Agenda are my favorite part of the app because I will know what is going on real-time and I can figure out where I need to be.

The most helpful part of the app is the Agenda feature.  Over the past few weeks I have been pretty busy, therefore I was worrying about typing up what sessions I wanted to attend at the conference.  The Agenda feature of the app, allows the participant to look at the schedule, check-in, add it to their own agenda, review the session, add to their device’s calendar and even take a survey on the session.  I am definitely impressed by the Agenda feature and very glad to have it!  Check out a screenshot of part of my agenda below; taken on my iPhone 4S.


The app has many different features.  Some of my other favorite features include:  notifications, maps, badges, profiles, leader board, ability to add photos to updates, and information on speakers and sponsors.  I have not been able to test out the rest of the features, since the conference has not started yet, at least for me!  More updates to come on the Learning Solutions Conference of 2013!

– Melissa.

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