Infographic – My Favorite Tools to Support the Creation of eLearning

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Favorite Tools to Support eLearning

I created the above infographic in easel.y, with icons from The Noun Project,  The infographic includes some of my favorite tools to support the creation of eLearning.

– Melissa.

2 thoughts on “Infographic – My Favorite Tools to Support the Creation of eLearning

    Diary of an e-learner said:
    June 7, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Hi Melissa,

    Great post, it gives me some ideas of what software I want to focus on learning during this summer. I was wondering what you thought of the Articulate products?


    mem40298 responded:
    June 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm


    Thanks! I like the Articulate products because they are super easy to learn, and fast to develop in. I believe they are a great stepping stone for Captivate.

    Whenever I am trying to learn new tools/software, I just get right into the program and start playing. I think a lot of people are afraid to just try things because they think something will break.

    After I explore the software/tool on my own I start following tutorials and trying out more advanced aspects of the software/tool. Also, LinkedIn has some great groups for pointers on different eLearning software. Whenever I run into an issue with Captivate, I reach out to a Captivate group on LinkedIn.

    Learning eLearning software is a bit like playing a video game, you start with an easy level, just playing around to see what happens. Eventually you discover more and more, and keep building on your skill-set. After learning many of the eLearning software that is out there, any new software that comes along is pretty intuitive to use.

    – Melissa.

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