Why understanding technology is important for instructional designers

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Normally when you meet someone the first question they ask you is, “What do you do?”; proceeding with various other questions like, “What did you go to school for?”   I am often looked at with utter bewilderment (even from professionals in the learning industry), when I reply, “My degree is in Instructional Technology.”

When it comes to the learning industry,  the term “Instructional Design” is a no-brainer.  So,  you might ask, “What is the deal with Instructional Technology?”  Instructional Design is a key part of Instructional Technology; without Instructional Design, Instructional Technology would not exist.

In the program I graduated from, students are taught instructional design processes, theories, and models. Instructional Design is woven into every class; in fact students follow ID processes, and develop eLearning for real clients.  Technology is merely a deliverable method, and I happen to have been shown some great ways to use technology to create and deliver learning using Instructional Design.

Technology is here to stay, and it is only getting bigger.  In my Wideo project, I outlined a few reasons why it is important instructional designers understand technology.

Check out my Wideo project here: http://www.wideo.co/view/208161370965184831

Why is understanding technology important for instructional designers?
Designing for Technology:  Nowadays learning is not just in the classroom. Learning is on the move; learners are mobile.  The same deliverables that were built for PCs do not always translate well to tablets and phones.

Time and Cost: Understanding how much work it takes to go into a project will better help you negotiate costs and plan accurate timelines.

Evolution of Technology: Technology is evolving at a fast pace.  There is more software being developed, and updated for creating training deliverables.  With a diversity of software to create learning, there is the opportunity to design innovative ways to teach learning objectives.

Speaking the language: Even if you are not developing a deliverable like eLearning, chances are you are probably working with a developer. Understanding and speaking the language used by the developer will cause less confusion and error in the long run.

– Melissa.

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