Learning how to use eLearning authoring software – a lesson taken from Kim Komando

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Learning how to use eLearning authoring software can seem like a relatively difficult task, especially if you consider yourself to be less than tech savvy.

A friend of mine sent me a video mashup called “Komputer Kindergarten.”   The mashup video is of Kim Komando way back when, introducing different computer concepts.   My friend stated that Komando’s portrayal is what he imagines my job to be like (of course I had to check the video out for myself).   Even after watching the Komputer Kindergarten video several times, I was still extremely amused.

The first thing that came to mind was that the video of Komando could definitely be used for a lesson in teaching technology or eLearning authoring software.  Komando’s line, “And nothing even blew up!” more than applies to learning eLearning authoring tools.  My advice when asked about how to learn new technology is to always experiment freely, because in fact, nothing is going to blow up.

Dive In

Once you have chosen the eLearning authoring software you are going to use, just dive right in!  Exploring software on my own has made me much more familiarized than if I had gone through a long tutorial first.  I like to test out and discover things on my own.  When jumping right into a program, you have to have a little patience for troubleshooting, and no reservations about just playing around.

Start Small

Starting small is always a good idea.  When I say small, I mean with an easy to use eLearning authoring software.  A good example would be to download a trial of Articulate Storyline and master it, and then download Articulate.  Articulate Storyline is much simpler to use than Articulate. Once you are familiar with one eLearning authoring software, you won’t have as much difficulty learning others.  In some cases you will only have one program to work with, but it’s still good to have basic skills in easy to use programs.

Play Copycat

Playing copycat is one of my favorite ways to learn new software, and it allows you to come up with your own way of doing things.  Take a look at some of your favorite eLearning, and try to copy some of the functionality and design.  You might not create an exact replica, but it’s a great way to learn, and to create something you always wished you could.

Make it Official

Learning eLearning authoring tools solely on your own can be tough.  At some point I usually throw my hands up.  Usually I cannot just figure out how to create a lot of advanced actions, so I turn to a tutorial site.  Classes and certificate courses are also a huge help.  Lynda.com has some tutorials on how to use certain eLearning software.

When it comes to learning eLearning authoring software, just dive right in.  I promise, “ nothing will even blow up!”

– Melissa.

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