Learning Professionals Connecting in Greater Philadelphia, ASTD PHL and PADLA

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I found out about ASTD PHL (American Society for Training and Development – Greater Philadelphia Chapter) thanks to the power of social media. A few weeks ago I started a group on Linkedin in order to connect with other local professionals in the instructional design and eLearning industry.  Through the group I was able to connect with other professionals who posted local events to our group.

The first local event that I attended was an event with PADLA (Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey Distance Learning Association). Surprisingly, some other Bloomsburg University Alumni were also attending the event.  The event took place in Philadelphia at the Wharton School. I was able to network with other professionals, learn more about Wharton’s Telepresence classroom, and attend a presentation on virtual instructor led training best practices.


The second event I attended was ASTD PHL’s Chapter Meeting and Networking event.  After hearing good things about ASTD Philadelphia I decided to subscribe to a membership. New members have a very organized orientation; we even had our own table and packets.  The newest members of ASTD PHL went around the table to name one thing we are passionate about (that didn’t have to do with our occupations) and one thing that no one thing that no one would guess about us.

After attending the chapter meeting, I decided to attend a SIG  (Special Interest Group).  ASTD PHL has SIGs that are specific to areas like eLearning, Trainers, Corporate, and Career Management.  The best thing about becoming a member of ASTD PHL is that the SIGs are free.  You can also attend 2 SIGs for free if you are not a member.  The SIGs alone are definitely worth the membership.

The SIG event I attended was in the area of Career Management.  The presentation was titled, “Are you bobbing along or making a wake? Managing Your Career During Turbulent Times” The speaker of the event was Theresa Hummel-Krallinger.  Hummel-Krallinger’s presentation was passionate, witty, and extremely informative.  She had the audience laughing, and asking questions the entire time.  She used the analogy of career management being a bit like being on a boat.  You have to have a rudder to steer you in the right director or else you are just floating along with no real rhyme or reason.  The overall presentation was on staying connected in order to do well in your field, in addition to resources and tips to help figure out what career path might be a good choice for the audience member.

I will definitely be attending more SIGs in the future because the one I attended was a hit. ASTD PHL is close-knit and very supportive.  I think both ASTD PHL and PADLA are wonderful resources for staying connected to the learning industry in Greater Philadelphia.

To learn more about ASTD PHL visit: http://www.astdphl.org/

To learn more about PADLA visit: http://www.padla.org/

– Melissa.

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