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Coursera is a company that offers MOOCs (massive open online courses) by universities and organizations.  The courses can be signed up for and attended online.  Many of the courses give participants a certificate for completion of a course. Learning professionals will benefit from Coursera because they often post courses related to education, eLearning, blended learning, virtual learning, and other topics.

On November 4th Coursera will be offering a course on E-learning and Digital Cultures.  The course will be taught by professors from the University of Edinburgh.  The course is a 5 week course. You can sign up for the course via this link:

Coursera is offering a course on Gamification by Kevin Werbach from The University of Pennsylvania.  The course on gamification starts January 27th, and runs for 10 weeks.  You can sign up for the course via this link:

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Check out my guest blogger post on Axonify’s blog! – “Introducing Gaming into a Blended Learning Curriculum “

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Recently I wrote an entry about introducing gaming into a blended learning curriculum, as a guest blogger on Axonify’s blog.  Be sure to check out a sneak peek below, and read on!

“Higher education classrooms and the workforce are becoming more diverse, which means a blended learning curriculum is a perfect way to reach all audiences. Curriculum developers, like instructional designers, can reach learners of different learning styles using a blended learning approach. Blended learning encompasses a curriculum where the learner is participating in learning asynchronously, synchronously, and with a variety of multimedia.

As a millennial, the best way to reach me is through a variety of deliverables. I prefer not to take an entire curriculum through hours of eLearning modules or solely through face-to-face classes. I tend to want to be engaged and to approach learning in many ways.”  READ ON

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I was first introduced to Axonify at the eLearning Guild’s 2013 Learning Solutions conference.  There was a lot of buzz going on about Axonify at the conference, naturally I decided to check out their booth.

So what is Axonify? What are the guiding principles of Axonify?

Click the link to find out more, – “Axonify combines principles of behavioral science with the best qualities of gamified and social software to result in a new approach to e-learning and employee awareness—one that empowers organizations to train faster, retain information effectively and perform better.”

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